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Azov Sea Fish

Fish in Azov Sea

Azov Sea and Its Inhabitants

The Azov Sea, despite its small size and depth, is home to many species of fish, shrimps, jellyfish and many other marine lives. Due to the low salinity of the water, the fish of the Azov Sea is a mixture of sea and river fish, in addition, artificially populated hybrids live in the Azov Sea. The Sea of Azov is inhabited by fish of various commercial value, various fish live here - from the Azov goby to sturgeon species of fish and even sharks. The main types of fish in the Azov Sea are beluga and needle fish, katran and bream, sharp-nosed and pilengas, fish and stellate sturgeon, herring and pike perch, ram and sprat, sabrefish and shemaya. In addition, many more species of fish live in the Azov Sea.

Sturgeon Fish Species Living in the Azov Sea

Some sturgeons live in the Azov Sea, for example, beluga and stellate sturgeon. Sturgeons can live in the Azov Sea due to the low salt content in its water. Unfortunately, the situation is changing, and the water of the Azov Sea is becoming more and more salty. Ultimately, this, combined with poaching, can completely destroy the population of sturgeon in the Azov Sea.

Sharks of the Azov Sea

In addition to sturgeons, sharks are also found in the Azov Sea. The only species of shark that lives in the Azov Sea is the katran. The homeland of the katran is the Black Sea, but from there they also penetrate into the Azov Sea connecting with it. Other names for the katran are the common prickly shark or sea dog. Katran is a small shark, it grows up to one and a half meters in length. The diet of the katran is varied - this shark eats fish, jellyfish, shrimp, algae - in a word, everything that comes across does not attack people.

Other Fish Living in the Azov Sea

In addition to large fish species - sharks and sturgeons, many other fish species live in the waters of the Azov Sea - bream, pike perch, sabrefish, pilengas, fish, herring, ram and even needle fish. And do not forget about the most common and numerous types of fish in the Azov Sea - its main inhabitants are kilka and the Azov goby, attached by numerous