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Recipes and Dishes

Christmas Dish Recipes

Christmas recipes and dishes are very diverse; at Christmas they cook recipes from poultry, fish, meat and vegetables, bake flour products and prepare festive drinks.

Sauces in Cooking

Various types of sauces are used in cooking - for meat and fish dishes, for salads and vegetable dishes, there are sour, sweet, hot and spicy sauces.

American Cuisine

American cuisine or the cuisine of the United States of America has incorporated a wide variety of recipes for dishes of peoples from all over the world inhabiting the United States.

Millet Pancake Recipe

Pancakes from millet are cooked according to one of the recipes of Ukrainian cuisine, pancakes are very tasty, despite the fact that they use not only flour, but also millet.


Macaroons or almond cookies are a unique pastry recipe from French cuisine, these cookies are made using almond flour.

Fish Cutlets Recipe

Fish cutlets according to this recipe can be cooked from any fish, but it is better to take pike, pike perch or cod fillets - this way the cutlets will be tastier.

Potato Casserole

Potato casserole is a simple and delicious dish; the potato casserole recipe is very easy to cook.

Ukrainian Borscht

Ukrainian borscht is a unique national dish, the taste, aroma and variety of Ukrainian borscht recipes will amaze even the most sophisticated gourmet.