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Metal Mesh

Metal mesh - chain-link mesh galvanized, non-galvanized and plasticized, masonry mesh armored metal.

Anise Essential Oil

Anise essential oil, along with anise as a spice and spice, is used in medicine and cooking, anise oil has the same beneficial properties as anise itself.

What Kind of Barbed Wire Do You Need?

In order to make a conscious choice of this means of protection, one must have knowledge of what types of barbed wire exist and for what purposes they are used.

Morshin Water

Morshin water is the main factor providing treatment and rehabilitation at the Morshin resort.

Weight Sensors

In modern electronic scales, strain gauges, piezoquartz and vibration-frequency sensors are used to measure the weight of objects.

Concertina Wire

Concertina wire or Concertina security barrier is the most effective type of Egoza wire barbed cutting fence.

IP Cameras

IP cameras are an integral component of a modern video surveillance system, the scope of IP cameras is extremely wide, and their functionality allows you to perform many tasks.

IP Video Surveillance

IP video surveillance is a video surveillance system that uses digital surveillance cameras, digital communication channels and digital equipment for recording audio and video information.

Egoza Razor Wire

Egoza wire is modern barbed wire, reinforced barbed tape or cutting wire, which has replaced conventional barbed wire.

Anise Bite Activator

Anise bite activator is a composition for use in fishing, which includes anise essential oil and other additives that improve the properties of bait for fishing.

Truck Scales

Truck scales for weighing stationary vehicles - static truck scales and in motion - dynamic truck scales.

Second Hand

Why you should pay attention to second-hand clothing stores and why second-hand clothes are so attractive to buyers.


The wire is widely used in various industries - from industrial production, power lines, to the manufacture of barbed wire or costume jewelry.

Zinc-Coated Barbed Wire

Zinc-coated or galvanized barbed wire is a durable version of ordinary barbed wire made of zinc-coated mild steel wire.