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Water Sources in Morshin

Morshin mineral water is used for treatment and rehabilitation at the Morshin resort, which is extracted in the vicinity of the city from several sources.

Rest in Morshin

Morshin is a resort that is very popular, tourists from different regions and countries visit Morshin both for medicinal purposes and for recreation.

Azov Sea

Azov Sea - climate features, geographical location, summer holidays on the Sea of Azov and natural healing factors of the Azov Sea.

Morshin Resort

Morshin resort is one of the most famous resorts in Ukraine, specializing in complex treatment with mineral waters.

Black Sea

The Black Sea is a wonderful summer vacation, gentle southern sun, warm sea water, excellent beaches, a place where you can have a good vacation, relax and travel.

Azov Sea - Tourism and Recreation

The Azov Sea has always been a favorite vacation spot for many tourists who come to the resorts of the Azov Sea from different cities and regions.

Azov Sea Fish

The fish of the Azov Sea is a mixture of sea and river fish, in addition, artificially populated hybrids live in the Azov Sea.