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Water Sources in Morshin

Mineral Water Sources

Mineral Water Sources

The main natural factor used for treatment and rehabilitation at the Morshin resort is Morshin mineral water, which is produced in the vicinity of the city from several sources. In Morshin, mineral water is used, which is obtained from sources No. 1, No. 4 and No. 6. Mineral water from Morshinsky springs is used to treat the liver, gastrointestinal tract and other diseases.

Water Source #1

Source No. 1 of Morshinska mineral water is a shaft-type well and has a depth of about fifty meters. Source 1 produces water with a high content of mineral salts, otherwise called brine or brine. This Morshin source number 1 is fundamentally different from other sources of mineral water in Morshin. Depending on the depth from which mineral water is taken, the content of mineral salts in it can vary from 16 grams per liter at the surface to almost 400 grams per liter at the bottom of the spring well.

Morshinska mineral water from source No. 1 has a chloride-sulphate sodium-magnesium chemical composition and is used both for internal and external use. For external use, highly mineralized brine from the bottom layer of the source is used, and for internal use, brine from the upper layers of source No. 1, which has a weak mineralization, is used.

In addition to mineral salts, Morshin mineral water from source No. 1 contains various trace elements - titanium, aluminum, cobalt, zinc, strontium, copper, iron and many others that positively affect the health of people undergoing treatment in Morshin. Mineral water from source 1 in Morshin is especially useful in the treatment of enterocolitis with increased motor-evacuation function, as well as gastritis with reduced secretory function.

Water Source #4

Source No. 4 is located in the forest park zone of Morshin. Mineral water extracted from source No. 4 has a low mineralization - 0.17 grams per liter, its composition is bicarbonate-calcium water, the reaction is slightly acidic. Morshinska mineral water from source No. 4 also contains small amounts of sulfates, sodium, iron, potassium and other trace elements, which positively affects the health of people who use it. A feature of the mineral water from the Morshinska source No. 4 is the content of about 38 Mahe units of radon gas, as well as a large amount of oxygen dissolved in it. Due to its physical and chemical composition, Morshinska mineral water from spring 4 is successfully used for the treatment of chronic pylonephritis, uric acid diathesis, urolithiasis and other kidney diseases.

Water Source #6

Source No. 6 of mineral water in Morshin was put into operation relatively recently - in 1968, and has large reserves of mineral water and has great prospects for use. The chemical composition of mineral water from spring No. 6 is sulfate-chloride sodium-magnesium-potassium water. Morshinska water from source 6 has a mineralization of 238 grams per liter. The main difference of mineral water from this source is the high content of potassium and magnesium sulfate, the effect of which has a beneficial effect on the human body in the treatment of gastritis with preserved and increased secretory function, diseases of the biliary tract, liver pathology and other similar diseases.