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Rest in Morshin

Rest and treatment in Morshin

Morshin is a resort that has been popular since the end of the 19th century. Tourists from different regions, countries, near and far abroad visit Morshin, both for medicinal purposes and for recreation. For tourists who have arrived for treatment, Morshin provides many sanatoriums, with qualified staff, as well as a varied treatment program. Tourists who visit Morshin solely for recreation will have a good time, regardless of the season.

Morshin is located in the Lviv region, in the area of the Carpathian Mountains. The resort is located far from the regional centers, as well as from various industrial enterprises. This factor indicates the presence of a favorable ecological situation in the resort area. The immediate place of the resort is located in a flat area, but is surrounded by various picturesque hills and hills. Visitors are offered many options for renting housing, from individual houses to private hotels. Also, tourists can participate in various programs, both medical and tourist.

The relevance of rest in Morshin does not disappear with the change of seasons and weather conditions. In the warm season, there are many opportunities for hiking in the mountains. The famous Mount Hoverla (the highest mountain in Ukraine) is quite an accessible place for tourists in Morshin. Another interesting place that tourists can discover is Lake Senivir. This lake is the largest and most picturesque in all the Carpathians. There are places around the lake where you can rent a boat and tackle. Also in the district of Morshin there is a fortress Tustan. The beauty of this historical monument is that at first it was ordinary rocks, which were later used by people for various types of defensive fortifications.

The cold period of the year does not diminish the resort significance of Morshin. During this period, there is a chance to take advantage of a more urban way of relaxation, while undergoing various healing procedures at the same time. So in Morshin provides the opportunity to travel to Lviv, as well as the Lviv Opera House, Ivano-Frankivsk, etc. New Year and Christmas holidays can also be perfectly spent in Morshin. In sanatoriums there are special programs for this period. The city center is equipped with a Christmas tree. Lovers of home comfort - can meet the New Year in the room. Extreme lovers can go to the mountains to celebrate the New Year.

At any time of the year, two types of churches operate in Morshin - Greek Catholic and Orthodox. A tourist who spends his vacation in Morshin during the holidays will be able to visit all the necessary religious events. Moreover, for people who are highly religious, the history of Morshin will not leave you indifferent. According to one version, the secret of the healing waters of Morshin was discovered by the Virgin Mary. One of the sources, which is currently operating on the territory of the Morshin resort, is named after the Virgin Mary.

Resort Morshin is a very diverse resort. The types of recreation provided are designed for the category of people, different temperaments, ages. Morshin will be of interest to tourists at any time of the year. During the holidays, everything here is also organized for tourists.