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Variety of Drinks

Drinks in Life

Drinks in Life

Drinks play a large and significant role in human nutrition and life. Hot drinks are warm in the cold season; cold drinks are refreshing in the heat. Drinks containing milk, cream and sugar are very nutritious. Fruit and berry drinks contain a large amount of vitamins. Alcoholic beverages, when consumed in moderation, improve mood and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, while soft drinks can quench your thirst and replenish the body with useful substances.

Tea, Coffee, Cocoa

These drinks have been cooked and consumed by people for centuries. They invigorate, as they contain caffeine (tea, coffee), quench thirst, saturate (cocoa). Tea, coffee and cocoa can be served both hot and chilled. Chilled drinks are sometimes poured into glasses filled with ice. Fresh mint leaves or a slice of lemon are added to cold tea for freshness. A small amount of whiskey, cognac or other alcohol is added to hot natural coffee for aroma and a more interesting taste. Cocoa, boiled with milk or cream, is very nutritious, it is recommended to serve it for breakfast with cookies, gingerbread.

Milk Drinks

Milk and dairy products have a very beneficial effect on digestion and human life. On the basis of milk and dairy products, you can prepare a different number of tasty and healthy drinks. Milk-based drinks are recommended to be included in the child's diet. Dairy drinks often contain eggs, sugar, chocolate, and more. Milk drinks can be served hot or cold, in addition to breakfast or dinner.

Fruit and Berry Drinks

Fruit and berry drinks made from fresh berries or fruits contain a large amount of vitamins and nutrients. Often, such drinks are prepared in the summer with the addition of sparkling water. Fruit and berry drinks can be prepared from one berry or fruit, or from several types. For the preparation of drinks, you can use citrus fruits - lemon, orange or grapefruit. To emphasize the taste and aroma of fruits and berries, sugar, vanilla and other spices are often added to drinks.


Kvass is a soft drink; it is mainly cook in the summer. Kvass is a fermentation product, so it cannot be cooked immediately before consumption. The food industry, facilitating the work of the hostess, produces ready-made bread sourdough, from which it is very easy to make a drink. Kvass is cooked not only on bread sourdough, you can also make sourdough from fruits and berries.

Wine Drinks

Drinks with wine are cooked with the addition of fruit and berry juices. Also cooked with whole berries or fruits. Often, drinks with wine are cooked and served hot, in the winter season - mulled wine, punch and others. These drinks are very warm. The composition of some drinks with wine includes not only fruits or berries, but also spices. Spices give a velvety touch to a winter hot drink and improve the taste and aroma.