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Sauces in Cooking

Sauces recipes

Sauces for Meat Dishes

When cooking meat dishes, especially when boiling and stewing, it is necessary to water the dish or serve sauces separately. When using sauces, the dish becomes juicier and acquires a pleasant taste. Meat sauces are made with broth, so a good sauce can only come from a delicious broth. When cooking sauces, not only broth is used, but also flour fried in butter. To cook a white sauce, the flour should be lightly fried to a light yellow hue, and to make a red sauce, the flour should be fried to a dark brown hue. The fried flour is diluted with hot broth and, without ceasing to stir, boil over low heat so that the sauce does not burn.

After the sauce is boiled, it must be filtered, add salt, a piece of butter and mix well. When cooking sauces, you can add grape wine (1-2 tablespoons of wine to 1 glass of sauce), this will give the sauce a more expressive and better taste For the cooking of white sauce, it is recommended to take white wine, and for red - Madeira or port wine. When cooking fried meat, in most cases, meat juice is used, which is obtained by frying meat, and not sauce. You can also apply ready-made sauces - seasonings to meat.

Sauces for Fish Dishes

In the cooking of fish dishes, sauces are the main component. Sauces diversify the taste of fish dishes and increase their nutritional value. Sauces are prepared on the basis of the broth in which the fish was cooked. Also, the broth for the sauce can be separately cooked from the heads and bones of fish, which are obtained by cleaning and cutting fish. If the broth is made from heads, the gills must be removed. If the broth is cooked from bones and fins, they must be washed well, poured with 2.5-3 glasses of cold water and finely chopped onion (1 pc.), Parsley and boiled. When the broth is cooked, it must be filtered through a sieve.

Sauces for Vegetable Dishes

When cooking some vegetable or mushroom dishes, it is also recommended to use sauces. Sauces in vegetable dishes complement the taste of the product and help diversify the dish. Cook sauces for vegetable and mushroom dishes based on vegetable or mushroom broth. The broth after cooking the products in it is filtered, and then mixed with the rest of the products. When cooking some vegetable and mushroom dishes, the sauce is served separately, and sometimes the prepared product is stewed directly in the sauce. When serving, the finished dish is poured with hot sauce.

Sauces for Salads

For the cooking of salads and snacks, mainly cold sauces or dressings are prepared. A dish cooked or served with a sauce is much tastier and more aromatic. Sauces based on mayonnaise or vegetable oil are mainly cooked for salads and snacks. The composition of such sauces and dressings often includes vinegar, horseradish, etc. For snacks, oil with various additives (anchovies, capers, etc.) is also cooked. Spices and spices complement sauces for salads and cold appetizers.

Sauces for Sweet Dishes

Sweet dishes are cooked with sweet sauces, which are poured over the finished dish or the sauce is served separately. Sauces for sweet dishes are cooked mainly on the basis of milk and dairy products, in addition to taste and aroma, white or red wine and a number of aromatic spices are added.