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Anise Bite Activator

Bait for fish

The history of the use of such a spice as anise gravitates to the times of ancient Egypt. A special fruity aroma and sweetish taste contributed to the use of anise in various branches of human activity. The use of anise was extended primarily to cooking as a spice or spice, as well as medicine.

In the modern world, anise has become widespread in wider industries. Despite this, he still remained closely associated with food. We are talking in this case about the use of anise as a biting activator for fish. The general concept of anise in this case is no different from its use in cooking - as a separate spice or an integral part of seasoning. We will talk about the use of anise oil as a substance that enriches the smell of all kinds of fish baits and baits.

Part of the anise in the preparation of bait takes no more than 2-5 percent. The principle of action of anise does not change at all when used in recipes for dishes for people. When preparing bait, a certain percentage of the smelling substance is simply necessary, since the density of water is several hundred times greater than the density of air. It follows from this that the smells from the corresponding bait spread much more slowly.

Anise can be called a universal means for fishing, since it is not difficult to buy it, and it requires quite a bit. The use of supplements in the form of anise is suitable for any season and for most fish (carp, carp, roach). When catching carp, one should take into account the fact that carp feed on food from the bottom - small algae, daphnia, so the smell will always be an indicator of food for carp. But when catching bream, some anglers do not recommend using anise, because all small fish from the reservoir flock to its persistent smell.

Today in fishing stores, you can buy a special anise biting activator called "1000 drops" or "anise". The value of this development based on anise is, first of all, the content of a larger amount of odorous anise essential oil in combination with various additives to normalize the smell and increase the shelf life. By itself, anise essential oil is very caustic and saturated, it can cause burns if it comes into contact with the mucous membrane, and also scare away fish. Additives significantly smooth this process. Such a bite activator can be used in combination with various types of cereals, dough and nozzles. The consumption of anise bite activator is 10 drops per 1 kg of product (it should be recalled that the smell of anise is quite caustic). Undoubtedly, the introduction and use of the anise pecking activator was an interesting find and a very useful development.