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Welded Panel Fence

Металлический забор из сварных панелей

Welded Panel Metal Fence

A welded panels fence is a beautiful and reliable fence for any territory, whether it is a private house, a commercial company, an educational institution or a sports ground. A metal fence made of welded panels looks light and aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time having great strength. The fence made of welded panels is reliably protected from corrosion, the service life of our fences is more than 25 years without any maintenance. The color range of welded panels and fence posts produced by us is quite wide - you can always choose a fence that suits a particular building or landscape. A fence made of welded panels does not require painting and retains its original color and aesthetic appearance for many years.

Fence Welded Panels and Posts

Welded panels for mounting fences are made of a steel bar with a diameter of 5 and 6 mm, forming a lattice with vertical cells of 50x200 mm. Welded fence panels can be produced unframed or framed with a metal profile. After all welding work, the welded fence panels are galvanized and covered with a layer of polymer powder paint. Such a multi-layer coating reliably protects the metal from corrosion and provides a fence made of welded panels for a long period of operation. Poles for mounting fences are made of rectangular section, elongated, for embedding in concrete, or with a square base for fixing with anchors. The poles are galvanized inside and outside, and then covered with polymer powder paint to protect against corrosion. Welded panels for fences are manufactured with a width of 2500 mm and a height of 630 to 2430 mm, poles - with a height of 1330 to 3130 mm.

Installation of Fences from Welded Panels

A fence made of welded panels is installed quickly and quite simply, without requiring high costs for its installation. Enterprises that sell fences made of welded panels can carry out all types of construction and installation works for the installation of fences made of welded panels on the territory of the customer. To enhance the protective properties of fences made of welded panels, it is possible to install Egoza razor wire, Concertina wire barriers, Piranha razor mesh and other types of security barriers.