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Egoza Razor Wire

What is Egoza razor wire?

What is Egoza Razor Wire?

Egoza razor wire is modern barbed wire, reinforced barbed tape or cutting wire, which has replaced ordinary barbed wire. Egoza wire is currently the most advanced and effective means of fencing the territory of an object to ensure its reliable protection and protection from intruders. Due to its high efficiency, Egoza wire has occupied a niche everywhere, in which ordinary barbed wire was previously used, and now only Egoza wire is used to protect the protected area.

Egoza Wire Design

Egoza wire is a metal strip with sharp cutting spikes along the edges, crimped around the base - large-section galvanized steel wire. The barbed tape is made by stamping on automatic complexes from rolled galvanized steel. As a basis, steel wire with a high carbon content is used - spring or rope. Such a wire has high strength and spring properties, which are necessary to create an efficient Egoza wire.

Due to the zinc coating of all elements, Egoza wire is not afraid of corrosion and lasts for a long time without reducing its protective properties, and the use of strong wire of large cross section as its base prevents attempts to bite Egoza wire with a conventional tool such as wire cutters - Egoza is not easy to bite even with a special high-strength tool.

Application of Egoza Wire

Modern Egoza barbed wire can be used independently for fencing the territory of protected objects, and can serve as a material for making a spiral barrier from it - the so-called spiral security barrier, Bruno spiral, cutting spiral or Concertina barrier. The Concertina wire fence made of Egoza wire provides the maximum degree of protection of the fenced area from unauthorized entry. Both in the form of an independent product, and in the form of barriers of various types, Egoza wire is widely used to protect objects and territories of various types and purposes.