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Odessa - a Resort on the Black Sea

Odessa Resort

Pearl by the Sea

The city of Odessa is the most unusual city in the country, Odessa has everything, Odessa unites what cannot be combined. For the most part, Odessa owes this to its residents - Odessans are always cheerful, cheerful and witty, they never lose heart. Odessa is a famous resort, recreation and tourism center in Ukraine on the Black Sea coast. The unique and original architecture of Odessa creates an image of a colorful southern city, which has the famous Potemkin Stairs, the world-famous Opera House, Deribasovskaya and Primorsky Boulevard. It is always fun in Odessa, various events, festivals, exhibitions are constantly held here. Once having visited Odessa, you always want to return to this wonderful resort city on the Black Sea.

Climate and Weather in Odessa

The climate in Odessa is distinguished by a large number of sunny days, but it is soft due to sea breezes, which even on the hottest days protect from the summer heat. The recreation area of Odessa stretches for many tens of kilometers along the Black Sea coast. One of the most popular entertainment resort areas of Odessa is Arcadia - there are many rest houses and sanatoriums, tourist camps and hotels, many restaurants, nightclubs and other entertainment venues that operate around the clock in summer. The developed resort infrastructure will not let anyone get bored during their vacation in Odessa.

Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa

It is best to start your acquaintance with Odessa from Primorsky Boulevard, and although its dimensions are small - only about half a kilometer, no matter where you go, you will meet real art, the past of Odessa everywhere. Primorsky Boulevard lies on a high steep bank, four rows of century-old plane trees and maples, young lindens and chestnuts stretch along the boulevard. The passage of time, of course, influenced the appearance of Primorsky Boulevard, old trees grew and new ones appeared, houses were rebuilt and restored, but Primorsky Boulevard has always remained as beautiful as it was at the beginning of its existence.