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American Cuisine

American cuisine recipes

American Cuisine Recipes

50 states and several climatic zones, the most diverse origins of the citizens inhabiting the country, in themselves suggest the many culinary traditions and variety of foods used that distinguish American cuisine. In nutrition, hygiene, simplicity, and, of course, the speed of preparing dishes according to any recipes are especially important for Americans. According to most Americans, you need to eat what is good for health.

Regional Features of American Cuisine

As for regional differences in American cuisine, the southern states can be proud of only two cuisines - Creole and Cajun. The basis of the cuisine is seafood, pork, chicken, rice, herbs, pecans. In the northern and central states, European culinary traditions dominate. Preference is given to fish products, pumpkin, berries, nuts, cereals. Hamburgers, hot dogs and other fast food dishes are just the most modest illustration of American cuisine. No breakfast, lunch, dinner is complete without vegetable and fruit salads. A very popular among American cuisine recipes is a green salad, which is served coarsely chopped, in its natural form, and flavored with various spices already on the table. From the first courses, Americans prefer broths, puree and fruit soups.

American Main Dishes

Favorite staples of American cuisine are rare roast beef and steak. All meat dishes are prepared mild, lightly salted, spices and sauces are put on the table according to taste. For side dishes, only vegetables are used - stewed green beans and beans, green peas, corn with cream, asparagus, cauliflower, and potatoes - boiled, fried, stewed. Cereals, flour and fatty foods are consumed little. All kinds of desserts and confectionery products are widely represented in American cuisine: cakes, pies, cookies, puddings; fruit juices and fresh fruits, citrus fruits; compotes from fresh fruits, from oranges; whipped cream and more.

Drinks in American Cuisine

Of the drinks, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, ginger beer, coffee (used in large quantities, but does not taste like that served, for example, in Italy, France or Turkey), tea, cold unsweetened tea with lemon and ice, and finally, it has become a tradition to drink water with ice before meals.