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Steel wire

What is the Wire for?

The wire is widely used in various industries - from industrial production, power lines, to the manufacture of barbed wire or costume jewelry. A wire is a product made of steel or other metals, obtained by drawing through a hole of a certain diameter. This results in a wire having a different diameter and a large length. The wire is stored and supplied in coils, and then used for the manufacture of a large number of different products.

Copper and Aluminum Wire

Aluminum and copper wire is mainly used for the manufacture of wires, cables and other conductive products. Aluminum has the worst electrical conductivity and load capacity, but the price of aluminum wire is much lower than the price of copper wire. For this reason, most outdoor cables and wires are made of aluminum wire. In some cases, aluminum wire is also used indoors. Copper wire is more expensive than aluminum, but it can withstand heavy loads and is much more convenient for use inside apartments. Almost all wires used in various electrical and electronic devices are made from copper wire. Both single-core and multi-core wires and cables are made from aluminum and copper wire. A single-core cable or a wire that has the same cross section as a stranded one can withstand a slightly greater load than a multi-core one, but is less reliable - a break in one core will lead to failure. For this reason, most of the wires are stranded, this is especially critical if the wiring is subjected to mechanical stress during operation.

Steel Wire

Mild Steel Wire

Mild steel wire is made from low carbon steel. This determines the strength and other properties of such a wire. Mild steel wire has low tensile strength and does not recover its shape after deformation. Soft wire is used in those industries where its properties are most in demand. One example of the use of such a wire is a tie wire used for fixing or fastening various structural elements, as well as for packaging products and for other similar purposes. Ordinary barbed wire and other products are made from mild steel wire.

Spring Steel Wire

Spring steel wire is made from steel with a high carbon content, making this wire very durable and able to recover its shape after mechanical impact. Due to the high strength of the wire and its spring properties, it is used to make springs, ropes and other products that require its properties. Also, high-carbon steel wire is used for the manufacture of modern barbed wire - Egoza razor wire, for which both the high strength of steel wire and its spring properties are especially important.

Galvanized Wire

Galvanized wire is manufactured in order to extend its service life. Wire without zinc coating, used in conditions of high humidity or outdoors, has a short service life and is quickly damaged by corrosion. Galvanized wire is devoid of this drawback - the zinc coating protects the steel surface from moisture and other natural factors, preventing it from rusting. Galvanized wire can be either low carbon or high carbon. Low carbon galvanized wire is used in the production of zink coated barbed wire and other products.

Where to Buy Wire

If we are talking about purchases for large-scale production, it is best to buy wire from its manufacturer - this way the price of the wire will be acceptable, and the quality will be guaranteed by certificates and other documents provided by the manufacturer. If we are talking about small volumes of wire, then you can buy it by contacting any seller specializing in the trade in wire and other household goods.