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Zinc-Coated Barbed Wire

Zinc-coated or galvanized barbed wire

What is Zinc-Coated Barbed Wire

Zinc-coated or galvanized barbed wire is a durable version of ordinary barbed wire made of zinc-coated mild steel wire. Like uncoated barbed wire, zinc-coated barbed wire is used to perform the same functions. The main advantages of galvanized barbed wire are corrosion resistance and a long service life.

Production Technology of Zinc-Coated Barbed Wire

The technology for the production of zinc-coated barbed wire is practically no different from the technology for the production of uncoated barbed wire. Zinc-coated barbed wire is made with one or two bases, on which galvanized wire spikes are wound. An important point to pay attention to is the technology of applying a protective coating. There are two ways to apply zinc to the surface of steel wire - cheaper process galvanization, or more expensive immersion in a bath of molten zinc, or hot dip coating. And although the second method is a little more expensive than the first, there is no need to save on this - hot dip coating provides high-quality zinc coating of the wire, which has sufficient density and thickness to reliably protect barbed wire from corrosion.

Use of Zinc-Coated Barbed Wire

Galvanized Barbed Wire in Agriculture

Currently, galvanized wire is used in two directions - agriculture and engineering perimeter protection systems. It was for agricultural use that barbed wire was invented, and as it turned out, it was effective not only in deterring animals - barbed wire was no less effective in deterring people. In agriculture, barbed wire is used to make fences and other fences that prevent animals from leaving the corral or entering the fenced area. Galvanized barbed wire lasts longer, and its price is not much higher than uncoated wire, so it is more profitable for agriculture to buy barbed wire with zinc coating.

Galvanized Barbed Wire and Perimeter Protection Systems

For many years, barbed wire served as the only effective means of protecting various kinds of objects, the perimeter of which must be protected. Uncoated barbed wire was replaced by zinc-coated barbed wire, which made it possible to significantly extend the service life of protective barriers made from it. But at present, galvanized barbed wire is no longer the main element of perimeter protection systems, largely giving way to more modern types of barriers. Barbed wire is used in cases where the level of security of the protected object is not very high, and also as an auxiliary element of more effective fences. When protecting the perimeter of important objects, zinc-coated barbed wire is used as a tension wire, to which, in turn, concertina wire of modern barbed wire is attached - Egoza razor wire.

Where Can I Buy Zinc-Coated Barbed Wire?

It is best to buy zinc-coated barbed wire from a domestic manufacturer. At present, the world market is flooded with cheap Chinese-made barbed wire, and there is virtually no guarantee of its quality. And in case of purchase from a local manufacturer, you can request certificates for the compliance of galvanized barbed wire with local quality requirements, including the technology for applying a protective zinc coating to steel wire.