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Egoza Professional Installation

Egoza razor wire professional installation

Egoza razor wire professional installation

Installation of barbed wire, carried out by specialists, can significantly increase the efficiency of Egoza razor wire fences and extend their service life. But not only that - practice shows that professional installation of Egoza wire takes much less time than its installation by ordinary installers who do not have experience in installing such products. In addition, the installation of barbed wire and Egoza concertina barriers by specialized specialists will ensure the safety of employees of the protected facility both during the installation of barbed wire and during the operation of the installed security barriers.

Do-it-yourself Egoza Barbed Wire Installation

Self-installation of Egoza barbed wire is highly discouraged, since Egoza razor wire is much more dangerous than ordinary barbed wire. If even a farmer can install a barbed wire fence, then installing Egoza is much more difficult and dangerous. Although the installation of ordinary barbed wire is also not easy - to create the same barbed wire fence, the farmer must have certain skills and have the necessary tools. Egoza razor wire is equipped with sharp blades that cause severe injuries with little contact, so do-it-yourself installation of Egoza can lead to serious injuries for installers without experience in such work.

What is More Profitable - Self-Assembly of the Egoza Wire or the Services of Specialists?

One of the reasons why some undertake to install Egoza wire with the help of their employees is the apparent benefit, their employees are cheaper than professionals. But is it really so? Practice shows that it is not - self-assembly of Egoza wire usually costs more even without taking into account possible work-related injuries. The reason is simple – professional assemblers carry out installation of Egoza barbed wire much faster than ordinary workers. And if you recalculate the cost of installing Egoza concertina wire, taking into account the amount of working time spent on its installation, it becomes obvious that professional installation of Egoza wire not only ensures high quality barriers, but is also less expensive than self-made.

Who Can Order Professional Installation of Egoza Wire?

It is best to order Egoza wire installation from companies that specialize in this. Usually, all major manufacturers of engineering perimeter protection systems provide services for the professional installation of barbed wire and various types of Egoza concertina wire barriers. In addition, professional Egoza razor wire installation can be carried out by companies that provide comprehensive perimeter protection services - in addition to installing barbed wire, such companies usually install alarm systems, video surveillance and access control.